The church of God must not only send forth missionaries into all the world, but she must, with open arms, assist those who have gone, given sacrificially, and returned after many years of faithful service. This is our mission for which we exist and are wholly dedicated.

The strength of any church organization is found in the commitment of its men and women to the call and fulfillment of Christ’s mission. The church cannot maintain its identity as a church while ignoring the mission of Christ. Neither can it remain strong and progressive without the dedication and sacrifice of those faithful ones who are willing to go into the unreached areas of the world and bring the gospel message to the yet lost.

The Veterans of Global Missions Association is dedicated to the cause of supporting, encouraging, and assisting missionaries who have served faithfully on foreign fields and then returned to North America because of age, health reasons, or redirection of God’s will into another area of ministry in the homeland. It is our mission to help and assist the veteran missionary and his children to reenter the North American culture and home life.